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Tafel Tuition


I am a friendly, experienced teacher of violin, piano, keyboard, ukulele, guitar and recorder. A high standard of tuition is offered, but it is of paramount importance to me that music is fun. The atmosphere is friendly and informal and pupils are encouraged to take music examinations although those who wish to play ‘just for fun’ are also welcome. Whether you are a beginner or re-starter, playing for fun, or working towards an exam, I can help you achieve your musical goals. Both children and adults are welcome. I am a member of the ISM, ESTA, an accredited Violinbabies teacher, and licensed KiddyKeys teacher.

piano-lessons-basingstokeDuring lessons, technology is used alongside more traditional methods of teaching. Creative activities such as composing and improvising are introduced right from the start and all lessons have an element of ‘lab’ time. This is time spent away from the instrument and concepts are reinforced with the use of the iPad, PC, floor games, etc. All instrumental pupils also have access to the Charanga Digital Learning website. This site offers a great way to practise your instrument online. There are lots of activities as well as games and quizzes and special rewards to unlock. In the early stages of learning, charts and stickers are used to help make music practice fun and to encourage achievement. As pupils progress, CDs are made of their achievements and recordings and videos are sent home regularly.

All individual lessons can be taken in my home studio or over Skype/FaceTime.

  • Violin Open or Close

    violin-lessons-basingstokeViolins start in small sizes so young children are able to learn to play. Reading music is gradually introduced as the child establishes reading and writing skills together with aural sophistication.

    I am an accredited Violinbabies teacher ( Violinbabies provides the opportunity for young children to:

    • learn to play the violin
    • overcome the sight reading barrier
    • acquire the very best techniques right from the start
    • really enjoy themselves in the process

    Violinbabies children learn to play the violin in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. They compose their own melodies, and advance towards reading conventional music notation in a natural progression, but at a much earlier age than is normal - some even before they can read!

  • Piano/Keyboards Open or Close

    keyboard-lessons-basingstokeThis is one of the most popular instruments, but in many ways the hardest to learn because it involves so much at once. There is a large amount of music for all styles in piano and keyboard. A 5-6 year old who is grasping reading and writing skills will be greatly assisted by learning music/piano.

    I am the only licensed teacher in the UK at the present time, offering pre-school KiddyKeys piano lessons ( KiddyKeys offers many learning opportunities:

    • Rhythm and movement exercises that develop small and large motor skills
    • Recognition of notes and note values
    • Memory skill building through repeated music terminology
    • Counting exercises to help recognise numbers and develop maths skills
    • Creative development through sound composition and exploration
    • Introduction to the music stave and piano keyboard
    • Development of verbal skills through group interaction
    • Reinforcement of listening skills by discerning high and low, loud and soft sounds
    • Improved hand-eye co-ordination through hands-on experience with rhythm instruments and the keyboard
    • Recognition of the music alphabet, colours, and shapes with worksheet activities
    • Music story time focusing on composers, music terminology, and behaviour
  • Guitar Open or Close

    guitar-lessons-basingstokeThis is great for budding rock stars! Learning is hard but enjoyable.

    There is a distinction in classical, jazz/blues, Spanish and rock guitar.

    I suggest starting with the basic acoustic guitar and allowing interest to develop.

  • Recorder Open or Close

    Many younger children begin on the recorder. It is good for little fingers to play and they can make a reasonable sound quite quickly, learn to read music and enjoy playing their favourite tunes.

  • Ukulele Open or Close

    The ukulele is a great little instrument that has become very popular recently. It is an instrument that is versatile and adaptable. It is inexpensive and relatively easy to learn in the early stages and suitable for all kinds of music. It is an instrument that even small hands can cope with.

  • iPad Music Courses (Short Course) Open or Close

    We all tend to have a long list of apps but are not always sure what to do with them! This is a hands-on course of engaging music projects to help you use apps such as Garageband, MadPad, Loopy HD, Singing Fingers, Explain Everything, Thinglink, QR Codes, Aurasma, Pic Collage, and Drum Machines.

    Great fun, with lots of learning for anyone approximately 8 years of age or over!

About me

I believe that music fulfils a vital role in education since it is concerned with so many aspects of a child’s personality (physical, emotional, perceptual, intellectual and aesthetic).

Music offers enjoyment, and recreational activity, intellectual and emotional satisfaction, training in perception and physical co-ordination, opportunities for individual and group activity, and scope for creative expression. It is of paramount importance to me that music is fun!


"My two children, Eleanor aged 5 and Thomas aged 9 have benefited enormously from both workshops and individual instrument lessons with Linda over the last 4 years. Linda is extremely professional and engages with children effectively in a friendly and informative way. Her ability to make sessions challenging, fun and varied has stretched my children’s imagination giving them increased confidence in their musical ability and potential."

"Linda has taught my three children over the last six years. Each and every one have loved her classes and it has gone on to provide them all with a great basis to enjoy music for the years ahead. Educational, fun and stimulating, it has been something I too have been able to enjoy with my boys that has made special memories for us all. I wholeheartedly recommend Linda’s classes."

"I am one of Linda’s adult/mature students. I believe that teaching adults is harder than teaching children as it requires a very different approach.  Linda continues to teach me to play the piano with kindness, patience, lots of humour (very important) and the occasional gold star!"

"Linda has taught our children piano, violin and musical theory. Her lessons are brilliant: fun and full of energy. My kids always emerge from the music room with a smile."